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Monday, 17 September 2012

Caps Off!

Caps seem to be the thing of the moment! I think it's time for everyone to 'hipster' it up! Following the New York fashion runways there seems to be tall, short, black, white, canvas, leather, wicker, plastic. But the question is 'Do you think you can rock it'?
Here we have the gorgeous Rita Ora, icon for fashion at the moment, as well as music, posing with the backwards leather cap. http://beautyandthebudget.onsugar.com/tag/rita-ora

I think the cap could make it's debut come back. Bring on the 90's fashion! It's not quite cold enough for the beanie, fluffy winter hats, so give the cap ago. Plus it's brilliant for a bad hair day!  Although it may take some confidence to pull it off. I always believe to wear the clothes that help your personality shine!  

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